After devouring this book,

I am looking at food more mindfully. I really like food — I love cooking and baking and presenting delicious food. I really really like it. I’ve thought about culinary arts school, but being vegetarian makes that difficult. And plus, I have no intention of working in a restaurant where I don’t get to hear the oohs and ahhs like I would at my own table. Soo… I’ll stick with recipe books. I found this REALLY AWESOME one.

It reads like a narrative recipe book (odd, but it works), and is really cool. I’m finding fun tips and tons of recipes to try out! I even made my own yogurt. Just look at that gorgeous stuff! The recipe looks so complicated, but it really is super easy.

And, then I made bagels. They were freaking delicious. Aaaand, I’m not going to tell you how fast we ate them because that would be embarrassing. As it is, I can easily compare the fresh-out-of-the-oven cheese-covered ones with Einstein’s Bagels. I’ve since decided that a bagel isn’t worth eating if it isn’t fresh-out-of-the-oven. You have GOTTA try this at least once. I recommend liberal amounts of asiago or parmesan cheese.


I also made these.

Just blueberries dipped in my honey-ed homemade yogurt. Nice idea … but I’m admittedly not crazy about them. They’re growing on me though. And it gave me something to do with all these blueberries I picked. I love blueberries, and my goal this summer is to eat so many that I’m sick to death of them.

For Dan’s birthday, I made his usual cake. Delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as usual 🙂


And, of course, pizza! Toppings were homemade pizza sauce, tomatoes, sauted onions, green bell pepper, and garlic slices. There is a reason this has become tradition — it’s freaking delicious!


We’ve also been getting more luck with plants here than we ever did in Utah. Raspberry bush, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, catnip (heehee), and herbs. The cilantro died 😦


Ahh, food. Love it.


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