Dear Believer


2 responses to “Dear Believer

  • llcall

    I’m curious, does this video represent your feelings about God, as in atheism (since in some of your blog posts you have talked in terms of God being with you on your journey to leaving the LDS church), or are you just drawn to the questions that he is encouraging believers to ask, even if you don’t share his ultimate conclusions?

  • Camilla

    If there was a portion of this video I didn’t agree with, it would be those 45 seconds that argue for atheism. Because, yes, I do believe in a God, a higher power.

    …But then, sometimes I find as much solace in the fact that death could simply be the end of my existence. No afterlife. Belief in God seems to go hand-in-hand with some plan for the afterlife, but, I’m finding more peace in worrying about finding God in this life than I am in the next.

    So, yes, I am drawn to the questions. Ironically — considering the narrative arc of the video — I felt that it was God that led me to ask those questions in the first place.

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