Grades came in today and school is officially, officially over. And Dan also started his thesis paper today! Big, feels-super-good day. When Dan came home for lunch, I pulled out the Martinelli’s hiding in my bottom drawer for his big day, and was surprised to see Dan reach down to his bottom drawer to pull out a little something for me too. (Do marrieds ever wake up to find their brains have fused? Should I be worried here?)


Here’s a bit about my time “at” FSU.


The basics: I got an ALA-accredited Masters in Library and Information Sciences with a specialization in School Media Library from Florida State University. Since my goal is the workforce and not academia, I did an internship instead of thesis. I interned at Dixon Middle School and it rocked!


Groupwork is hell. I took 5 courses this semester and had groupwork in 4 of them. And it wasn’t measy-peasy groupwork either; it was intense semester-building-up long long hours of groupwork. It sucked the life out of me and I almost died. But God had mercy on me; one of these groups was amazing beyond words and participating in that group was actually a real pleasure.


FSU had a great year in the world of reviews. Overall, the Masters program is ranked #13 in the nation. The School Media Library Specialization was bumped up to #1 this year. Pretty cool, since the library program at FSU is largely online and it outranks even the traditional, face-to-face schools; even students who live near campus tune in for class through Blackboard Elluminate/Collaborate, just like the distance learning students.


Gradewise, I was on tenderhooks. I had a 4.0 coming into the semester and didn’t anticipate being able to keep that up. It was a really really close call. I was torn — a 4.0 looks pretty schnazzy on a resume… but getting just below that mark feels about 10x more comfortable to me. Either way it was a win-win or a lose-lose… go figure! I don’t want potential bosses to think I’m smarter than I am, you see… but I am precise when it comes to following directions and fulfilling assignments, which is really what the grade represents anyways.


I get attached to professors. And that doesn’t change with an online program. I’m going to miss my professors. Especially Dr. Gross…  She was everything you want in a professor — challenging, intelligent, kind, interesting. I made sure to take a class from her every semester and I am so glad I did. Recalling the FSU experience for me will largely be me remembering my classes with her.


My verdict of online schooling is… (drumroll)… it depends on the subject! Online worked great for my program; it actually enhanced the experience more than a face-to-face program could have. It was all about studying information retrieval systems, and since everything is done on the computers anyways, it was just extremely practical. For the more practical things, I used the Provo, Orem, and Dixon MS libraries, so that I got the practical experiences I needed. And since we all had real-time class time — where everyone logs in to class and participates in the professors lecture — it wasn’t so different from face-to-face as it would initially seem. But I can’t see online being ideal for Business or English majors.


Probably the real downer is after all that virtual reality stuff is yet to come: when I enter the workforce with real live breathing people instead of avatars. I’ll have to catch myself so that I actually say “hahaha” when laughing instead of stating “l.o.l.” 😉


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  • llcall

    Congrats on finishing! It was interesting reading about your online experience now that I teach online classes — got me thinking about what I could do build on the aspects that you liked. But of course you left us all hanging — 4.0 or not?! 🙂

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