Computer monitor as mirror?

I randomly ran across a blog post today, from a blog I’ve never been to before, and I was struck by how similar it is to me and how I felt a couple of years ago in my faith change process. It’s called “I’m Coming From Where I Have Been” by


Very very similar. Except, I didn’t have kids, I didn’t read any fence-line research (like Feminist Mormon Housewives or even any current event feminist literature) until well after had I left, and my issues for leaving were (in some ways) a little different and (in other ways) a LOT different.


But, otherwise, very very similar. So much so that the blogger even said the word. That word. The one that’s been tagging along ever since my faith crisis. This word: Authenticity. It probably the word that has defined who I am and how I have shaped who I have become and am still becoming. Authenticity… I won’t even attempt to delve into this extremely abstract concept, but it something that, for me, was unreachable before my faith crisis. And, afterward, became … my religion, really.



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