New Years Eve to Easter

We celebrated New Years Eve by going to a Kristen Chenowith concert. We’re madly in love with her.IMG103 IMG104


CatfacesIMG112 IMG116 IMG128


Dan and the room he is sooo eager to get out of right now!



My nephew Sawyer after a school performance
IMG149 IMG147


January 10K — soo cold, soo icy, soo slippery. We should have backed out once we saw the weather conditions. Luckily, no sprained or broken ankles, but definitely caused 3-month long foot pains for Dan.



Goob’s transmission needed complete replacement. We took it to these guys and they fixed it right up. Great prices and customer service, fyi.



Life, the Universe, and Everything! Great conference.


Megan Whalen Turner, an author superhero of mine, let me get a picture in with her *wink*



Oreos, during a Biggest Loser watchathon with the family.


Blacklight mini-golfing with the boys (my nephew and little brother)
IMG183 IMG181


No idea..



For the last few months, we’ve kept these trays constantly stocked with fruits and veggies. They stack in the fridge easily, are quick munchies, and we get an array of seasonal fruits without the guilt we used to have for spending money on delicacies like fresh raspberries and pineapple.



At the UELMA Conference with my intern mentor.



Laser-tag with the fam!



The cats, positions oddly synchronized.


Hogle Zoo (Jacob was in a wheel chair because his foot was hurt, lol)IMG206 IMG211


On the pier at Utah Lake. Being on the water reminds us of Coeur d’Alene and makes us of dream of Seattle 🙂



Festival of Colors with Sawyer Sauce. Can finally knock that one off my bucket list!IMG234 IMG235 IMG232


Woke up Easter Sunday to a 2-mile running scavenger hunt 🙂


On the backs of the clues, Dan wrote this secret message. For a guy who has never played an April Fool’s joke ever, he fooled me hardcore! When I got the 4th clue, I panicked so much that I had to walk! lol



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