On being Vegetarian

Dan and I made the transition sometime in January, and it’s about time I updated.

  • Meat dreams – Yes, dreams about eating meat. One morning, we both woke up and I said, “I had a dream I was eating chicken.” Dan responded, “No way. I had a dream I was eating beef!” I’ve had a few scattered ones—even one where a long dream had commercials wherein bacon was getting progressively more cooked on the frying pan each time. This is definitely my favorite side effect! So fun and weird. Especially since we don’t have those kinds of cravings when we’re awake.
  • Not so favorite part? One time commenting to Dan: “You know… I think 2013 has been the gassiest year of my life so far. That’s odd. *light bulb flashes* Wait … wait a second! It’s because we’re vegetarian now! Hahaha. Welcome to the rest of your life, Dan!” Well, at least I can rest easy knowing that Dan is still way gassier than I am!
  • The world of a vegetarian is chock full of oxymorons. Veggie burgers. Veggie sausage. Veggie bacon.
  • Habits are not our friends. Like, going to family’s house and automatically shoving in a mouthful of pork rinds (yes,  also known as those tasty pig skin chips) before remembering myself and spitting it out. Also, going to store and reaching for beef jerky, only to register a few minutes later that it’s meat. Or going to the diner and mindlessly thinking, “Oh, a burger sounds good!” Breaking the auto-pilot habits is probably the toughest part of being vegetarian.
  • Closing following that, though, is when meat-food is being handed out for free. Like, Costco sampling is much less exciting these days. So is going to my family’s for dinner. And going to BYU or church food events. And buffets.
  • My parents and siblings—meat lovers that they are—regularly asking if we’re “still on that no-meat diet thing?” “It’s not a diet dad… there’s no end date.” “Yes, [sibling], we do eat things other than vegetables.”
  • Meat is everywhere. Really. That was even more of a shock than we had expected, and it’s really sad to us.
  • Making the shift to being vegetarian is a lot easier than we had expected. Especially when I think about how it started. We had been planning on going vegetarian someday. And then one night we rented a movie, grabbed a couple of McDonalds burgers, watched the movie (Food Inc.) and then, voila—we were avowed vegetarians, blood-oaths and all. Well, you know, except for the blood oaths 😉 Anyways, back to it being easier than we had expected. The bullet points above are the extent of the hardship. In a word: anti-climactic 🙂  — which is just fine by us.
  • Clear consciences. I feel like I’ve passed a test on my own humanity, and I am better for it. Dan too.

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