I went on a gorgeous run yesterday.

And I really owe it to church 😉 Church has become a painstaking process to get through lately. There are more differences than similarities between my beliefs and the church’s, which is technically fine by me, but it still takes a toll.  I especially love how people who have left the church are either villianized or patronized. What a joke—people standing up there explaining what it’s like for people who left the church. Umm, right here? It reminds me of whites talking among each other about how happy and content the slaves were. Yeah. Sorry. Ask a slave.

So, for many weeks now I’ve tried to figure out a good balance about the whole church attendance thing. I don’t want Dan to go alone, but I also don’t want to be there. Buuut…there is no point in sitting through the third hour since Dan isn’t there to keep company.

Aha! A solution. Wear my running skins and top under my church clothes, and during the third hour (or the second if needed) I hop over to the car put on the rest of my running ensemble, plug into a podcast, and voila! I’m off, free, and running. Last week was too cold and snowy, and two weeks ago I had a decently solid run. But it was certainly nothing like yesterday’s run.

Yesterday, my glasses drizzled with rain and legs splotchy from the cold, I ran. And I kept running. Eventually church ended, Dan got my location, and swung by pick me up. I’ve never ran like that before—I just ran and ran with no end goal or mileage in mind. It was utterly glorious. Going on a good run makes me feel like I’m hanging out with my best friend—my body. My incredible legs. My (occasionally) numb arms. My hardy lungs. The arches in my feet.

It turns out that that run was not just intoxicating; it was also a bloody 9.5 miles, which is over 3 miles more than I’ve ever ran before. I’ve done a handful of 10Ks, but I could never do those 6 miles on a mere training run—I needed the excitement of a race to do that much. I’ve also never run for more than 65 minutes, and so piggy-backing another 45 minutes onto that is extraordinary for me and my training style. As you can imagine, I’ve been reveling in this new stage of running that I’m in, where I hit a zone and I can keep on going, energy bunny style. I love it, and want Dan’s feet to get better soon so that we can run together again.


Check out this video. Doesn’t this sound wonderful? Sadly, the Zion one is over 100$ a head.



One response to “Running

  • Miri

    This sounds amazing. I can’t run anything like that, but I’ve had one experience that I think can compare. I’m jealous, and I can’t wait for it to keep warming up so I can start running again. I’ve missed it all winter long. Skipping church to run in the rain? Brilliant.

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