for myself

Last week my (favorite) professor challenged class groups to write a really awful question, and my group won the challenge for absolute worst question! (Still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or not … 🙂 ), and I’m keeping it here to remind myself of how awfully wonderful this professor is 🙂

Survey Question:
Instructions: For each answer, do NOT use any number that you have not already used.
Question: You must now rank from 1 to 5 all of the following that discretely characterize and
uniquely typify how you use, do not use, or wish to use the library:
__Sleeping, using the WiFi, and/or washing up in the bathroom
__ Lurking in the library while spying on and taking careful notes of all happenings
__ Checking out media and creating bootleg copies for personal use
__ I am extremely happy with the way the library is run
__ Strategically placed graphic novel display stand with helpful alphanumeric call numbers
__ This is the best library in Tallahassee and I wouldn’t use it, not use it, or wish to use it any
other way

Professor Response:
This is a really great bad question and I could spend all day admiring it! I don’t know why, but
there is something very Lemony Snicket in the tone. Using the categories below though I see that
you are double barreling a lot, Have confusing instructions, have an unclear response number
value, break the simplicity rule (confusing phrasing), have not left room for an “other” response,
have negatives, your question is loaded, response set not exhaustive, response set not internally
consistent and asks for data not related to the research question.




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