Vegetarian shepherd’s pie… say WHAT?

I take all credit for finding this recipe… but I suppose I can dole out a percentage of it to Dan….. since he’s the one that actually cooked it 🙂

Check out the recipe by clicking on the picture.

So, Dan is a pretty amazing cook. And when you pair an amazing cook with an amazing recipe, What do you get? Heaven. In  your mouth.

I may have gone a bit crazy in praising it (and Dan) these last couple of days. I remember, each time I grabbed leftovers from the fridge, looking at it — and all those lentils — and thinking it looks gross and bland, and surely my previous praise was just because I had been so hungry (hunger is the best seasoning, after all), but then. THEN I taste it. And suddenly my mouth would become a battlezone between eating and praising.

It’s utterly delicious, vegetarian, and all straight from fresh vegetables (except for the butter).


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