How long until…

How long will it be until the cashiers at grocery stores stop calling me “sweetie”?

I mean, I’m 24. My hair is chopped short. So…. when?




2 responses to “How long until…

  • llcall

    If you’re like me, I’d give it till 35 at least. People still routinely think I’m just graduating high school — and treat me accordingly. Just tonight I was at Disneyland, waiting for my mom to get off a roller coaster, and at least 4 or 5 people asked me if I needed help. (I was in my wheelchair, but still). It was really funny. I finally threw them a bone and just let someone push me up a ramp; I didn’t want them to call park security about the lost, scared kid waiting on the ramp.

  • Two Peas in a Pod

    […] was reminded of this post when I opened the door for the plumber today and he asked, “Hi, are your parents […]

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