Ethical Eating

It’s something that has been pricking at me for a long while now. And then we watched Food Inc and both of our consciences became gnawing, scratching beasts — intent on having their way at last. Last year our dairy intake was significantly reduced — it required a complete turn around in what we ate. (Don’t get me wrong — we still ate/drank dairy, but we never bought it for the kitchen. We went out for ice cream, ordered it at restaurants, ate with pleasure with friends/family, etc.)  But, I’m finding that preparing for a meatless lifestyle is less of a kitchen-quaking change, and I’m glad because we can’t do it anymore. Dan can’t support the animal factory, I can’t distance “meat” from “living breathing animal” anymore. This change has been a long time coming for us, and now… it’s here.

Have you ever changed what you eat for moral or health reasons? What was your experience? What advice can you give?


2 responses to “Ethical Eating

  • jen

    I had a dream this summer that made me rethink my beef-eating ways. I’ve stopped buying it. Occasionally when we eat out, I’ll buy it. But I’ve found I’ve lost my appetite, particularly for hamburger, when I’m confronted with beef.

    We also eat several vegetarian meals a week. We generally only eat chicken or bacon if we do. But I’ve found that increasing our vegetarian meals has payed off financially and morally.

  • Mutti

    I have studied nutrition for years; not in the classroom,but independently. I have decided that grocery stores sell a lot of food that actually poisons our bodies; not just “junk” foods, but foods with all the additives, over processed, etc. I have dappled in meatless foods. I actually enjoy them. I have thought, “I could be vegetarian.” I am a known vegetable lover. I recently converted Tom to SALADS. We love them. But I am not ready to give up pizza, and other comfort foods. It is interesting to see your progression. I’d love to know what recipes you enjoy. Mutti

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