I feel fantastic. I’m in classes again. I’m in classes again! I have readings I’m accountable for, and due dates for projects, and an inbox filling up with professor and general school announcements. Suddenly my life has a bit of direction again, and watching movies will have that delicious tint of Ishouldbedoingschoolwork Guilt.  This first-week-of-my-last-semester has been wonderful. I even have an awful, terrible, no-good professor to complain about this semester — and I haven’t had one of those in ages. I’m talking utter-walking-talking-disaster here. This is going to be great — nothing like a bit of professor frustration to flavor class time into something special.


And I am taking my third class with Dr. G — beekeeping, “Hello Dear Class!”-ing, president of ALISE, past president of else (?) that really wow-ed me. An expert in the field of children’s and young adult literature, she also has incredible taste in books, and I’ve read dozens from her recommendations. She runs class smoothly, picks interesting reading material, has everything clear and organized, remembers students by name, gives thoughtful feedback, creates a special class atmosphere … And she also has a gorgeous talking voice — it’s soft but strong, feminine but low, friendly but professional.


Marty PictureOne of my new professors this year is married to a professor I had last semester — and they are seriously two peas in a pod. Both incessantly enthusiastic about what they teach, both making frequent jokes throughout the entire class period and laughing often and long, both brilliant at what they do, both invested in the students — willing, no happy to stop lecture and explain things. They both also have that special way of teaching where they can tell a funny, engaging story, and instead of being a tangent to class material, it is completely applicable — both are very time conscientious. They also both got their doctorates eleven(?) years ago and have been teaching at FSU ever since.



I meet my (last) new professor tonight, and I’m excited. From what I’ve heard, this class is a killer when it comes to the workload, but lots of my fellow students consider this to be the most fun class of the entire program. I’ll see tonight!

Florida State University. Dan and I visited last spring and took a picture right there. See that fountain? Technically the only campus fountain that is illegal to jump into, but FSU has a camera in the building that constantly streams video live onto the web, specifically so that parents can see their kid get their traditional FSU birthday fountain toss. It looks like a great school, and makes me wish I could have experienced my undergraduate education a few times times over at a lot of different schools. Well, here’s to hoping in reincarnation 😉


3 responses to “Classes

  • llcall

    So how did that final class turn out so far? Killer workload? Fun? In your program, do you have many electives, or does everyone take basically the same classes?

  • Camilla

    Hi Lindsay! Well, that last class did turn out to be a killer workload, but it’s also really interesting and helpful. And, well, also completely practical. And I LOVE practical 🙂
    Most library programs I looked up only allowed a few electives, but FSU has only four core classes, and the remaining eight are technically electives… BUT it’s extremely advantageous to have an emphasis (mine is the school library), and if you decide to follow an emphasis, you’re usually only left with one elective.
    So, everyone takes those four classes, and then we split in to different pathways for the rest of the program. It’s kind of fun, because I have a few of the same classmates every semester, and that gives a semblance of human connection.
    How are your classes going? Did that one crazy student lighten up yet?

  • Alexandra

    I remember being tossed into that fountain. Good times. 🙂

    I’m also very familiar with the “Ishouldbedoingschoolwork” guilt. I’m wondering how long it’ll take for that to wear off when I graduate in May.

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