“”If I had to share what feminism has taught me to someone, it would be that although there are thousands of ways to do it wrong, there is no right way to be a feminist. There are as many kinds of feminism as there are feminists and not one of them is limited by definition. Adversaries, and some supporters, say that the feminist movement’s lack of “unified goal” is our weakness. This is simply not true. We don’t lack a unified goal, we lack a defined goal. And that is not our weakness, it is our work. Self-definition is our priority. Autonomy and liberation are what all of us are looking for, across the human spectrum. And with it’s focus on intersectionality, social justice, and human rights I whole heartedly believe that feminism is the one movement that can truly liberate us all.”

–from Feministing




The powerful image above shows protesting in India over the rape—particularly the public response to the rape—of a 23 year old woman. Please read this article, and recognize that India isn’t alone in its response to rape. A friend of mine organized a vigil/protest last spring after a girl was attacked here on the Provo River trail — and what sparked the desire to create a show of solidarity? — the blatant victim blaming that littered the comments section in the news articles. When women get raped, we blame the women — “What was she wearing?” “She shouldn’t have been out alone.” “It was nighttime, what did she expect?” It backwards, and it’s shaming to the victim, not the perpetrator. Oh, if we all could look at rape the same way as the Prime Minister of Israel:

  Golda Meier, as Prime Minister of Israel, was once asked to impose a curfew on women, to respond to a series of rapes. She refused. In response she said, “But it is the men who are attacking the women. If there is to be a curfew, let the men stay at home.”




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