Give me juice or give me death

About a year and a half ago, when we lived up in Couer d’Alene for the summer, Dan and I tried to try every single type of vegetable in the grocery store. Goal being that we’d branch out more and utilize a wider variety of vegetables on a regular basis. That marked the big shift in eating habits for us — no more casseroles, cream of mushroom soup, cream cheeses, boxed cereal, or things like that. It changed even more when we embraced a fresh food lifestyle in January 2012 via the South Beach cookbook. Food storage dwindled into non-existence as we opted for good, healthy, non-processed foods instead.

And now, fresh food is just our lifestyle. Instead of this satiating our need be healthy, it has actually spurred us on to be even more healthy — yeah, even so far as to buy more expensive brands for a less-processed food item — and THAT is saying something. (Now, don’t get me wrong — we don’t hesitate to pig out on yummydeadlyprocesseddeliciousness when we eat at restaurants, friends’, families’, or whatever. It’s what we actually cook in our kitchen that is healthy.) So, back to how fresh food has ignited a desire to be even healthier. We bought this juicing book for my little sister’s birthday in November, juiced a bit with her, and now we are hooked. We bought our own copy of the book (great for beginners like us!) and a juicer, and we’re currently on Day Two of a three-day juicing extravaganza.

It’s hard. I’m sitting here dreaming of plain old steamed broccoli, for god’s sake — but my body… well, my body loves this. It’s happily pooping away and getting me through my workouts and just feels generally great.

My favorite recipe so far has been a 4-carrot-1-orange one, but there’s a 3-pear-sprig’o’mint-cucumber one that is delicious too. Dan is all about the tomato juice recipes (well, one of us has to be, right?). So, while our fridge is no stranger to bright green drinks (thanks to our old friend, the spinach-banana-strawberry smoothie), it is now home to bright orange, brown, and swamp-water-esque concoctions too. We’ve certainly had to down our fair share of disgusting juices, but for the most part — I’d say 90% — these juices taste absolutely delicious. Yeah, that swamp water juice I just mentioned? With the slimy, algae looking remnants on the side of the glass? Defreakinglicious.



3 responses to “Give me juice or give me death

  • Miri

    My parents bought a juicer a few years ago, and my whole family went on a juicing craze. It’s fun, and this makes me wish we had our own now.

  • Rachel

    Now I feel guilty because I’m pretty sure every time I’ve hung out with you unhealthy food (particularly cream cheese) has been involved, haha. I’ve been thinking a lot about cutting out processed foods lately too. Have you seen “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”?

  • Sabrina

    I’ve got to do a low-acid diet thanks to the bile and reflux that damaged my esophagus, and sadly, 90% of fruits are below a 4 on the pH scale and thus, way too low on the scale for me (I need 5 and above). What are your favorite non-fruity recipes?

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