The library I just starting interning at has a couple of paper mache dragons … Every time I see them my (long dormant) artsy side starts to itch. Maybe I’ll do one half as half as cool as this one during Christmas break 🙂


One response to “Dragondragon

  • Bre

    I’ve used that guy’s instructions to build a monster before. When I undertook to make a dragon, I did it on a much larger scale, so I altered some of the basic format and it didn’t turn out quite so well. But you can check out pictures of my dragon on my blog in February 2011.

    And just so you know, the guy who did that video does great how-to books for what he does. “The Simple Screamer” was my introduction to moster-art, and “The Dragon Maker’s Handbook” came in too slow from the ILL to help my dragon’s foundation!

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