Last Monday, Dan flew out to Seattle to interview with Microsoft. He has been wanting to work with Microsoft for all of his entire programming existence, and this was the Big One. The Interview. Lots of pressure, lots of preparation to prepare the mind to accept elation or deflation with equal grace. Unlike other companies, Microsoft was going to let Dan (and the other interviewees) whether they made the cut on the very same day they interviewed. Talk about an emotionally charged day! Nerves about the interview, the future, the decision. Well, wonderful people, he did it. He got the job. He got the job. And it’s bizarre to live life knowing where we’re going to be located after college, instead of just hoping. We’re going to Seattle folks! A dream job for Dan, and they have a great library system and universities there for me.

And they a good community of mormon feminists for me too 🙂 It’d be hard to go to church without that kind of support system, as I have had here in Utah — home of the highest concentration of mormon feminists in the world — women and men who have helped to validate and voice my opinions and who I can be completely open with — women who have been my role models and sheroes. How amazing is it — that I have walked and talked with these ladies? It’s not that even that they self-identify as feminists, but that they have embraced themselves and care about the world and feel so unstoppable — so unbreakeable. The way that they embrace motherhood instead of eschewing it like I was all too prone to do with my gung-ho, get-er-done, leave-the-churchness. The way that they feel so powerful and the way they talk and what they talk about and how they are open and honest and true to themselves — they don’t compromise on who they are. They break the mold. Jen Hull. Lindsay Call. Christa Drake. There are others. You have changed my world, and without you I would be weaker, shyer, much less confident, much more mold-able to the strongest forces… Something about you three made me brave enough to face myself and accept what I found there. And strong enough to feel empowered instead of shamed when I saw things about myself that I needed to change. You changed my world, and (unknowingly) guided me during some very important times. And, thank you god for the internet and the fact that I can still hear their (blog) voices.

Well. <<yes, that is all the transition I am going to give you. 

Dan had already scheduled another couple of interviews that week, so we went ahead with those even though we knew we were going to accept Microsoft’s offer. One company based in Austin flew Dan and me out and set us up for a few days in a hotel. The first day, Dan was at the company doing interviewing and sitting through presentations all day long. Instead of an explore-Austin day, I was stuck in bed throwing up airport food all day long. It was awful. BUT, the next day was worth every hurl because we drove down to Corpus Christi — my hometown! I hadn’t been there in years and it was so therapeutic to have Dan walk through all my old haunts. We saw my highschool, our old house, the bayfront, my local grocery store, old roads, my old church building, the Pizza Hut I had my first job at, my libraries, Corpus Christi landmarks (like the Selena statue, the bayfront Whataburger, Cole Park, the modern airplane sculptures). It was so surreal. My family all lives in Utah now, and have for the last seven years, so the relationship connections are gone. It was silly, but I kept having this odd realization, like… this place really exists? It belongs to a past that is so far back that it doesn’t even feel a part of me anymore. Pictures for your pleasure:

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  • llcall

    First, congrats to Dan!

    Second, you have a picture of H.E.B.! When I went back to TX, where I lived during my first 8 impressionable years, I also took a picture of H.E.B. It was too iconic not to.

    Third, happy birthday to me! No seriously, those were some of the nicest things anyone’s ever said about me. We’ve come a long way since Jen and I thought we totally offended you over the book “Beloved” 🙂 I also love this thing called the internet that lets me keep up with you and continue to follow your journey.

    Fourth, you will need to meet Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks if you haven’t already. Mormon feminist extraordinaire, residing in the Seattle area. Tell I sent you 😉

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