A librarian recommended me to her friend, who is wanting to know if her books are publishable, and is expecting to pay me something for my editing services.

I’d do it for free.


Want to know a secret?

I have no idea what to charge.


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  • Your Lover

    I just did some looking around on glassdoor.com and found two different types of editor positions.
    1. Copy Editor – A copy editor is someone who is more like a proofreader. They look for grammar errors, anachronisms, or plot holes (your favorite). Interns in this category usually get paid somewhere between $10 and $15 an hour.
    2. Editor – A full time editor is a much different position. This job is much more like a liaison between the author and the publishing house. Their salaries were higher than the copy editor, but I don’t think this is what the friend would be asking of you.

  • llcall

    I hate setting prices for my services. Being paid for things seems to cheapen them in my eyes. But people gotta eat, so I’m glad you’ll get paid to do something you would enjoy anyway.

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