Just remembered — looks like 10:09 AM is good for my memory — that I have some homework I need to get done and that there is an odor coming from some dishes in the sink.

It’s a good thing I don’t have a dog because I have a feeling I would probably just take out that dish and feed it to the dog to save myself the trouble. They eat their own vomit — and lick their chops like they wish they had more; I’ve seen it.

And, I just realized that I’m Hungry. Great.

THREE things between me at that book.

The life of a mooching is such a sad, dreary place … riiight.

Oh, that reminds me, quick update on my workworkwork post of a few days ago. I am still working out the confusion in my mind, and recognize that if I don’t dwell on comparing my days today to those I have had as an undergrad, I am extremely content with myself. I have this false truth lingering in my mind that being busy equates with having purpose (and thereby happiness); I’m working on eradicating that truth and finding, once again, the joy in timing the world by a more internal clock. College years changed me so much, and one (seemingly insignificant) way is how often I look at the clock. To get internet for class, I go to campus often, and I thought I’d envy the students their busy lives, their rushing deadlines, but I don’t at all. As much as I loved it, I am even more content with the slower (and deeper) pace of graduate school. Thank you god, for a brain that lets me think through my emotions so that I can figure out what they are actually saying to me.

And now — to that odor!


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