Have you heard?

I am now a fully fledged Batman fan. I only recently saw The Dark Knight and was blooown away! The awesomeness of characterization was so overpowering that I forgave it is plot holes, and even extended that leniency with the latest film (for film #2’s characters, not 3’s. Though I did love that one cop).

Also, today I was up until 3am with Dan working on (what we thought was) an important document for a custody battle today. Turns out the document was not needed after all, but that’s fine because the court ruled in favor of our friend anyway. Such good news… I feel like I can breath easy now.

I had to drive over an hour to get to the courthouse (and then back again), which is very stressful to me. I get anxious about driving near SLC, and going to an unfamiliar location just chips away at my driving confidence (so, the ride back is usually 10x better!). Dan couldn’t come (more on that later), and I was worried that the stress of driving would make the custody battle an even more touchy trigger for me. I have only been involved in one before, and it was only an emotional involvement (thank you god for that). No wonder they don’t let children go to those.. it could be so traumatic for them. So, I went today ready to get rubbed a little raw with memories–perhaps even looking forward to the pain for some masochistic reason. (Is masochistic the right word? The dictionary is telling me it’s usually used sexually. Well then, what’s the word that describes people who can relish (a bit) in their own pain? We’re all masochists in some or other, I believe — why else subject ourselves to Nicholas Sparks?)

Um. I was referring to Nicholas Spark’s tendency to kill his (“oh so beloved!”) characters, not necessarily the horrendous writing readers have to get through. But, well, both apply, so points for me.

Today was Day 1 of Dan’s career launch. No, not the Day 1 where he starts networking (that was a while ago), or the Day 1 where he gets his first computer job (that was even longer ago). It was Career Fair, where Dan met and mini-interviewed with recruiters from companies that are in a position to offer Dan his first, real, after-college, officially launching his career, benefits-and-all-that-jazz job. The one that will decide the fate of our next, new home base.Woof! He met all the big companies and has a couple interviews tomorrow. We hope more interviews offers will come! Dan probably wouldn’t want me to tell you this, but he is (realistically) hoping for ten offers. Ten offers. Ten. TEN. I can’t even make that much in dollars per hour anymore. I sometimes feel insanely jealous that his field is so appreciated… but then, not 10 minutes ago, my professor made me order a bestselling young adult book for class. And they only had hardcover — so sad! And, what was that? I have to analyze this book as to how it pertains to the information needs and cognitive development of young adults? As in, doing what I do anyways? But someone actually wants to hear about it in a formal paper? Well….. I suppose I could put on a show at weeping for this ohsodifficult difficult path I’ve chosen walk on. Except, well, NOT. I freaking love my classes. Except, yesterday. That was boring. So boring in fact that I started to rethink my career choice (again). Luckily, the professor said that that lesson was the low point of the semester — that got a big sigh of relief out of us students, and that’s a fact.

I want to cut my hair even shorter. It’s grown a bit since I had it cut, and I really like it boy-short. My favorite thing about it? Driving with the window down, with the wind aggressively fluffing and lifting my tufts of hair. There’s so much scalp stimulation. It’s so relaxing and calming. I’ve never felt anything quite like it before. My longer hair was either pulled back — and thereby largely unaffected by the wind — or it simply whipped across my face — often trying to hair-slice my eyes.

Speaking of hair-slicing… Dan’s hair. I occasionally cut it for him, and those cut-off hair pieces are strong enough, sturdy enough, and sharp enough to cause splinters. I’ve found them poking right into my skin.

Well, enough of this nonsense writing. The kitchen has been smelling funny lately ….


2 responses to “Have you heard?

  • Sabrina

    Wow, custody battles are awful. My sister’s been through quite a few with her husband and his sweet kids, and it wrecks havoc on emotions for everyone. I’m sorry for you, and whoever has to be part of that.

    I also really liked the cute pictures of you on facebook with your new haircut. I really wanted to cut my hair like that on my mission, but my hair grows so fast, I figured I’d have to get it cut really often and I’m a little too cheap for that. 🙂

  • llcall

    I’ve never read Nicholas Sparks, but I thought you were talking about his writing 🙂 I usually use masochist in the same way you did (non-sexually); sadomasochism, now that’s a different story. I have wanted to cut my hair boy short again, but Neal is mostly opposed to that idea. With such light hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, etc. he thinks I will look like a funny, white hairless cat or something. Oh well…

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