Sunday Slacks

I stumbled on a couple of really great blog posts today about wearing pants in church — one of which from a really awesome chick I’ve met in real life. I’ll link to them on here.

For those who don’t see me on Sundays, I wear slacks exclusively. Mostly because I feel more comfortable in them, I find it a bit hazardous to shave my legs in the non-bathtub shower that we have, and (this was a surprise) it has almost eliminated the vain feelings I would get when I compared my dress/skirt with other girls’ on Sundays (I never even knew I had them until they were gone!). Perhaps some people think I’m just being rebellious; and in a way I suppose I am — I’m rebellious against the idea that there is something inherently spiritual about a skirt. Or, really, about any article of clothing.

Recently we had a Relief Society lesson on Sunday worship, and too many women commented about how your Sunday dress and modesty is a form of worship. I’m sorry, but I simply cannot buy the idea that God gives a s*** about what I wear. It’s not God who cares about clothes, it’s women — and that singularity of focus is projected onto God. Well, care about clothes and they are important to me, so surely God does too. (This topic gets my rant on — can you tell?) But honestly! — God will pay so much attention to how many inches up your skirt is, but groups of people have to fast and pray in order to get him to notice that this family or that family hasn’t been able to afford food for the last few months?

Oh, I have to bite my lips sometimes to stop myself from going off on some of those comments! I start feeling (and looking like, I’m sure), a whistling hot teapot. Sometimes I keep mental tally to entertain Dan with, other times I space out. I’ve found that bringing pen and paper and writing down the response I wish I could say is very cathartic — it is difficult for me to know that so many of my heartfelt and veryvery thought-out comments aren’t welcome … so at least I get to tell them to myself. *sigh* I’m sounding more angry than I intended, and on the occasions that I do talk to a TBM about these types of things, I am civil. (Though that has been called into question by some, who, I believe, think that civility and strong opinions that may be against church teachings cannot coexist in the same conversation.)

And, one last comment before I link to those blog posts. I am not posting them as some sort of apology for my sunday slacks or anything like that. I don’t want you to think about me at all — the only reason I brought my sunday apparel into this conversation is to give some context/intro for this topic (albeit a long-winded one) because these two (liberal) mormon women explain things much better than I do. I really just hope that these blogs are a springboard for discussion on the relationship between church tradition and church doctrine (and if that discussion happens around me sometime, all the better!).


A brilliant friend of mine:


This blogger has a bit’o’snark 🙂 :


And, related a little bit:



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