saturday morning reads

  • Obamacare broken down. Dan and I read and discussed this together and found it very interesting, but hope to run into a similar point-by-point breakdown from someone against Obamacare. As for me, I have long supported it.
  • Obamacare – The Doctors — Brief commentary on “quality not quantity will determine doctor pay”. Read commentary for further interesting debate. This page definitely shows some of the problems Obamacare can create — specifically regarding doctors dropping patients who will bring down their numbers (a specific result of Obamacare). HOWEVER, a commentator compared this system with the current school system — where schools, school districts, and teachers are monetarily affected/effected (?) by the numbers their schools can put out (via standardized testing). Interesting…
  • Feminism/LDS Angst. Very well-written, very well thought out. I highly recommend reading it. Continuing in the same vein as this article, minus the rant, I extremely dislike the Relief Society rhetoric that faithful women are sweet, passive, gentle, soft-spoken. These are not gender-inherent characteristics, but a self-fulfilling prophecy. It further separates women from what are considered “masculine” tendencies, creating quieter, more submissive, “background” women more and more.

Other recent readings:

  • Mother Wove the Morning, a play by Carol Lynn Pearson. Dan read it and highly recommended it to me. It was beautiful… just beautiful. I will be purchasing the video and will host a movie gathering with feminist friends (similar to the ones indicated in my last post), so let me know if you are interested.
  • Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, beloved feminist. Her other book, The Handmaid’s Tale, could probably account for at least a portion of my spiritual puberty as displayed last summer. It raised questions — so many questions. Which is, of course, the very reason for literature’s existence.
  • Not Without My Daughter. Okay, so this one is a movie not a book, but I plan on getting my hands on that book as soon as I reasonably can. Based on a true story. Raised wonderful discussion between us two spouses. Trigger warning for those who have suffered any kind of abuse. You can watch it for free if you have Amazon Prime or you can rent it at the Orem Library for $1 a week. Highly recommend. Surprisingly free of ignorant American nationalism.

One response to “saturday morning reads

  • llcall

    Those Reddit links were really interesting. I would say I’m about 60-40 in favor of Obamacare at the moment, but I’m unconvinced that this, in combination with some of Obama’s other policies and plans, is not going to drive us into further debt. It seems that new bureaucracy, which is abundant here, tends to be more expensive than expected. But if I’m only thinking about myself and my life, PPACA is a great benefit since it will eventually wipe away my pre-existing condition black marks.

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