Miss Representation Screening!

Hello world. Months ago, Dan and I went to a screening of this documentary. It was a beautiful, thought-provoking, lenses-shifting experience. We both highly recommend it to women and men both. While the trailer shows some disturbing images, we can both attest to the movie being very appropriate insofar as it can be with pornography as one of its topics. Dan and I are the kind of people that turn a movie off and ship it back to Netflix when there’s nudity, with a sigh and a roll of our eyes. SO, when we say we whole-heartedly recommend this movie, it’s not because we’ve been been insensible to the vulgarity of sexuality. It’s because this movie is INCREDIBLE — not in spite of the images, but with the images. It’s truly a masterpiece that should be seen by everyone at least once.

And guess what? THERE IS A LOCAL SCREENING THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 30TH! It’s a private screening, and I’ve got connections. Please contact me through e-mail, phone, or blog comment if you want more information (even if it’s just uncertainty about watching this movie). There is sure to be some wonderfully thought-provoking discussion after the viewing that will blow your mind with its brilliance (trust me, I’ve hung out with these people before and they come filled to the brim with brilliance so bright that it blinds you if you look directly at it for too long).



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