“red, the color of desire”? I don’t think so Marius.

For a while a couldn’t remember what it was my dad yelled (laughing) across the house once to me as I loudly vocalized my monthly pains. Was it a dying cat or a dying cow? Couldn’t remember… and I knew what a dying horse sounded like already (many thanks to Hemingway for that one).

Yesterday as Dan, Megan, and I rounded a bend on a trail in Hobble Creek Canyon and came upon this (picturesque) herd of cows sprawled across the hillside, I heard a very familiar sound. VERY familiar. And realized, that yes, that age-old question was solved. A dying cow. That’s me.

And I can’t wait.

To have a house of my own.

Not shared with landlords.

So that

I can


as loud

as I please!


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