good weekend


  • Picked up Dan’s parents from the airport *smiles* I love those two! They came to see the soon-to-be new addition to the family, but we get them all to ourselves tomorrow
  • Finished and submitted my huge-mondo semester project (due tomorrow) — heckfreakingfinally
  • My nephew Sawyer Sauce flew in from California! We allllll miiiiiissed him!
  • Dan’s homemade pizza. soo good.


  • Egg drop with some buds across the street — haven’t done this one since middle school and I forgot how much fun it is
  • Out to lunch with big clan of Schultes. Nieces and nephews were adorable, as usual, and are old enough now to hold really interesting conversations. The oldest is (finally) taller than me (we’ve been waiting for this moment for years); the second oldest has the same size shoe as I do (so we switched); the second youngest is addicted to scones; and the youngest had a huge growth spurt.
  • After two months of planning, Take Back The Night finally happened!! For ten years Provo has held zero community events against rape (in spite of Utah’s higher-than-national-average rape rate), but we finally took physical stand against it! (And made the front page.) We hope to make this an annual event, like it was in the early nineties (and this time, BYU can’t shut us down). One of the speakers survived an assault on the Provo River trail; another read “Over It” from The Vagina Monologues — spectacularly put on by UVU in March.
  • We drove up to Squaw (hate this word, btw) Peak and spent the night up there — it’s beautiful.

Hm. I just realized the title is a pun, since today is Easter. Happy Easter, Christians and non-Christians alike! Oh, that brings me to a question. Is a person who believed that Christ existed but only in the capacity as a *great moral leader called a Christian?

*I know, I know, C.S. Lewis is turning in his gilded coffin.


2 responses to “good weekend

  • kjell

    my first though to that question is no.

    To me, someone who is called a Christian believes he is more than just a “great moral leader.” He is their Savior, Redeemer, and Brother and they live their lives based on His teachings.

    Wished I could have gone to the event last night! Next time!

    • podpeas

      Yeah…I was leaning in that direction, too. And, I think you’re right, especially when you put it like that.
      We’re hoping that TBTN will be an annual event, so, here’s to next year!

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