I shouldn’t be blogging right now, but I live in hopes that my fingers running happily over the keyboard will make it easier to transition back to writing this paper. Oh, this paper! *grooooan* This is just one of those assignments that have a personal vendetta against — I’m not interested in it, I don’t know much about it, and I don’t want to know more.

And so, here I am dear readers. Okay, that reminds me. One of my professors always addresses class like this: “Hello dear class!” In her e-mails, in every class period, in every announcement, to bring us all back together after groups work… And it’s actually such a heart-warming experience in such a cold virtual world.

This “cold, virtual world” has been difficult to cope with the last couple of months. I’m a schoolbody, and I’ve craved the social aspects of it like nothing else. I love watching my teachers and watching the way they stood or the how often they waved their hands around or the way they do or do not make eye contact. I like finding that hub of students who speak out in class and become friends with each other, and then sitting right on the outskirts of that group. I miss create a context for each person’s comment — based on the volume of their voice, their posture, the slight tilt of the head when words fail. And, seeing what everyone has on their desk and quirking my eyebrow at the odd person who uses a pencil instead of ink. I am a people watcher.

Dan and I decided to move to Tallahassee Florida in January, when Dan graduates, so I could finish up my school face-to-face. How exciting!! Except, I found out that even the students who live on campus take the online classes! Isn’t that crazy?? The benefits of being on-campus are that you get involved with student and national library organizations, you get graduate assistantships, and you can intern at their library. Yes, it’s a big whoop, but not what I was looking for. So…. No Tallahassee after all!! And I’m totally okay with the online schooling now that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on some club of librarians partying it up at the beach 🙂

Taking four classes this semester was a bad idea. I really didn’t think they could be that different than undergrad classes, workload-wise. Well well, big surprise. I was wrong. dumbfounded expressions on all of your faces, I know I know. Even better? I have core classes coming up, which apparently really whip a kid into shape. So, my three straight semesters of four classes each? Not happening in this corner of the world. Going slower will be a good lesson to me, I’m sure.

Of course, going faster would be a better lesson intermsofthisassignment. Can’t bring myself to work on it… but if I did…I could probably definitely finish it before going to work today…


but that means I’d have to work on it.

*sigh* today…my worst enemy is me.



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