Sometimes, when I can’t sleep at night…

… I write essays in my head. Blog posts, really. Just medium little snippets of my life that beg for the linear organization of words. These times can be very surreal; mostly because my memory is unaccustomedly (new word) sharp. I could literally write an essay in my head and go back to the beginning to “read” what I wrote there, and change the punctuation around a bit because it doesn’t read with enough pauses at that point, etc. I don’t get out of bed to write it down, even when I’ve thought-wrote gold. It’s hasn’t fermented enough in my mind to write down, and when I write things down I destroy the words I chose before. All those gears in my brain start taking over and that memory would dim.

I’ve written story scenes, too, in my head. I used to take long walks in the evening and night. And those stories are always so much better than what I write at a computer. I get stuck at dialogue when I write it, but when I’m just walking and thinking, it comes easily — naturally. It makes me wish I had a CTRL+F button for my brain, then I sift through all those unsaveable mental files. I suppose talking would work, like if I recorded my voice…

At other times, when I can’t sleep at night…

I need to pee constantly.


2 responses to “Sometimes, when I can’t sleep at night…

  • llcall

    Neal wants to be a writer. The problem? He writes his best stuff in his head while walking and has not even near the memory you have. The solution? He bought a little baby computer carrier to wear on his chest and put his computer on. At least he tells me this is the solution…I have yet to see the award-winning novel 😉

  • Kadi

    You need to get that Dragon computer program. We’re saving to get it for Christmas. It’s only $100 but it converts voice to type in Word. Pretty sweet! Mitchell is going to use it for grad school and I’m going to use it for stories. 😀 Maybe blog posts too. And I pee constantly for a totally different reason… right? 😉

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