As I re-realized when I was in Vegas, I am a security-freak. Everyone and everything is out to get my purse–waiting, watching, anticipating that one moment when my hold isn’t secure. My fingers cramped, tightly clutching the purse to the front of me with the opposite arm against those grab-and-runners. I’ve hunted for anti-theft travel bags before, but this most recent search was my best yet.

Behold, the VentureSafe 150 Cross-Body Security Bag!

If I did it correctly, the image should portkey you to the website, where you can learn in depth all about the safety features of this bag.

My other search landed me THIS: the Ultimatesafe 32L GII Anti-Theft Backpack



Just…do me a favor and don’t look up the price of that backpack. Really.


Now…the places where I want to take these backpacks….



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