Other interesting eats…

I’ve always wanted to try a green smoothie and see if you really couldn’t taste the spinach. I finally made one, and it was actually very delicious.

And, I saw this on a cooking magazine: chocolate covered bacon. It was so intriguing that had to try it out 🙂

This last was taken right when Dan finished his first bite. He’s pleasantly surprised…but don’t get the wrong idea. Dan helped me finish the plate, but he’s not a fan. I…on the other hand…I kind of really liked it.


One response to “Other interesting eats…

  • Kadi

    I tried chocolate covered bacon a few months ago! Really weirded me out, but like you, I kinda liked it. 🙂 Still, I think I’ll stick to my brown sugar/red pepper bacon. Heaven on earth. MMmmm…

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