Oh Midol, my Midol

How I love Midol. It’s always a hit ‘n miss whether it’ll work or not, but WHEN IT DOES ooooooh I am happy. I woke up today with crampolas and while my arms are shaking with the effects (affects? — I can never get those straight) of taking meds with nothing in my tummy, I am one happy happy happy camper. A bit loopy, but happy.

It is the worst feeling, waking up and feeling that clenching, dull ache in my abdomen…  If the Midol doesn’t work, the pain escalates into PMS contractions and about half the day is lost. My mom and youngest sister also have these terrible cramps. SOMEHOW, my next youngest sister has gotten away without feeling the least bit discomfort, lucky dog.

I knew this coming. I’ve never calendered my periods. All through teenage-hood, without fail, I’d dream about blood and periods right before mine hit. That stopped, but last night I had one — my cat was on her period! Anyways, the dreams stopped, so other symptoms manifested themselves. Like, yesterday, I cried during the Titantic preview, during the The Vow, and during a conversation about Frog and Toad’s friendship. Which is a pretty strong symptom, because (if you didn’t know this), I absolutely despise it when women cry (– a semi-recent trait of mine. After Crystal died, I broke down all day long and all over campus for months. The only thing that turned that faucet off for good was a complete revulsion toward tears — not only from myself but from women in general– and I’m afraid this characteristic has stuck for good.). (Geez-Louise, Crystal comes up a lot in this blog! Sorry -)

So, we were talking about cramps and PMSing symptoms and such. What are your symptoms like? I remember old roommates of mine agreeing that they get severe diarrhea during their periods. I don’t get that, thank heaven, but I do have an extremely satisfying poo experience every month. Poo-phoria 🙂 Definitely one of the perks of period-hood.

Dan just came in. “What are you doing?”

I answered, “Blogging about my period,” and promptly realized how weird that sounded.

Soooooo….I’m going to go and save the lining of my tummy. Foooood.



One response to “Oh Midol, my Midol

  • llcall

    Hey, we are on identical cycles! Honestly, when I was young I thought PMS was a totally made-up thing to excuse women behaving badly. I just had zero symptoms with my period. But man, has that changed over the years (cramps, major digestive issues, etc). You may appreciate this conversation I had a couple of months ago during a visit to North Carolina. I was having dinner with a friend (female) and a friend of said friend (male). He was sort of hung up on this experience he had with the last girl he dated where they were planning to go out and she cancelled at the last minute (after he was already at her house to pick her up) because of her period. He just couldn’t understand and was asking us to explain why. Well, we started to explain some of the above reasons — and he was getting wide-eyed about the whole thing. And then this very funny, very Southern waitress came by and overheard our conversation and said, “The first day of your period you’re like a wounded animal. You’ll scratch anything that comes near. [Proceed to scratch and claw and growl like a wounded animal.]” Good times.

    Also, do you dislike when men cry too, or just women?

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