For Sabrina :)

Love me some Chenoweth.


4 responses to “For Sabrina :)

  • llcall

    Did you watch her on Pushing Daisies? I’m a big fan of her too!

  • podpeas

    Oh, did I! We had a marathon over the holiday. Wow — it’s so nice to hear of more people that have heard of the show 🙂 Do you know anything about them continuing the show? I know it was canceled, but I thought I read once that the maker was going to finish the story up with a movie or a graphic novel or something..
    btw, my admiration of you has gone up tenfold since learning you’ve seen and liked Pushing Daisies. It’d go up even more if you ‘n Neal had ever done a saran-wrap kiss 😉

    • llcall

      Just the idea of a saran-wrap kiss makes me blush! 😉 I heard the same things when they were first cancelling the show, but haven’t read about any reincarnations (ha–I didn’t even plan that sort of double-meaning!)

  • Sabrina

    I have to say that I’m honored to have a blogpost dedicated to me. 🙂

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