Nicknames, A History

As in, Camilala
Parents named me this in my cute chunky-baby years

Camilla da Hun:
retired, except by a select few
As in, Attila the Hun.
High school, Academic Decathlon

Mossy-Inside-Out-Red-Underpants … (some variation of that)
Europe trip, People-to-People Ambassadors
This name built on itself as time passed


retired (except by me. to myself. in my head.) Revised: And Kadi!
College, freshman year

8 years running and still strong
As in, my little brother couldn’t pronounce “Lala” when he was little. In fact, he’s corrupted all of our names (Megan became “Mimi” ; Christina became “Nina” ; Richie became “Itchy” ; Crystal was simply “HEY!” — The first two are cute, the last two are just freaking hilarious)


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