Oh, virtual reference librarians :)

My searching skills need brushing up, so I chatted up a HBLL librarian:

me: I want to learn how to search through library databases like a pro. Where or what can I do to learn this?
Librarian: in order to master this art, young apprentice, you must begin your journey on the library home page
Librarian: is there a specific database that you want to use?
me: lol!
me: Um, not necessarily. I just want to know how to find information, like you guys.
me: Is there a class? A website?
Librarian: the best way is to either just trial and error on your own, or just come to a reference desk and a librarian can show you the ropes
me: Ok! I’ll definitely bug the reference librarians. So, you guys don’t teach classes on it, then?
Librarian: the only classes are in the Library Instruction rooms, which are usually done through other classes (like Writing)
me: Oh, ok. Bum deal. Well, you gave me a place to start.
me: Thank you Jedi Master!
Librarian: it’s all part of the training, my padawan
Librarian: good luck to you on your quest


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