SOAP, on the other hand…

I never used soap as a kid. I remember dad taking a shower after me and asking me where the soap was. He gave me a pretty disgusted face when I told him I didn’t know because I didn’t use soap. I tried “making it better” / “getting that look off his face” by saying I used the shampoo as it washed down from my hair.

I hate that look. I’ve gotten it lots of times — different people, different times, different issues. I don’t know why that memory is so distinct…

I don’t shower everyday. Or every other day. I don’t like it and I don’t need to. My shower schedule is based on how my hair feels. I used to be worried about how my new husband would see this break with hygiene — I’d see Dan’s face instead of dad’s giving me That Look.

Dan is a shower-every-morning-without-fail kind of guy. But he hasn’t even noticed when I do or do not shower. It’s pretty nice. He even does a smell-check for me if I 🙂
That’s tmi, isn’t it?

Well, good news is that I always smell good.


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