Can’t figure this one out.

I feel it’s unnatural. And a bit gross (well, the sex, anyway).

But is this feeling a result of nature … or nurture?

I can’t deny that I grew up in a very anti-homosexual environment (family, school, religion). Obviously a big factor.
Can I filter through until I decide how I really feel without all those years of baggage?


Girl at work today left church over this issue. Hasn’t really ever been something I thought about. I’ve had a few homosexual friends. But I’m not sittin there judging ’em.

Do I really even have to?
Do I have to decide if what they’re doing is right or wrong?
Why is it any of my business, anyway?


One response to “Gay/Lesbian

  • kjell

    When I think about the sex part of homosexuality, i’m grossed out beyond all grossed out.
    But, I believe what you believe. Who am I to decided what is right or wrong for this person. I just want people to be happy, and if that makes them happy, then so be it. Better that than living a lie your whole life and being miserable.

    It’s a tough situation to be in as a believer in God and His ways, but I figure God wants us to treat all people with respect and love and kindness, and He’ll dish out his judgements when the time comes.

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