Fingers itching…

…to write.

Hello hello hello.
Wait, what’s Dan zipping up his coat for? “Huh???”
Oh, trashbag.
What a “nice old man!” (as I used to call him).
I wonder it is still raini– CAT. STOP MEOWING.
She’s sex-crazed. And we found out that since she doesn’t have any vaccinations, it’ll be another month before we can get her spayed.
Elodie and Calliopea are our cats. I’ve since renamed them Itty Bitty and Dead Girl (Name that show without googling it — post a comment if you can!).
They are also known as “our little lesbians.”
I met a girl today who left the lds church because of its stance on homosexuality. She told me there are quite a few people like her (well, like us) at Barnes. lds-church-leavers. Pretty neat hub, if you ask me.
A librarian job opened up. I applied.
I want it — it pays TWICE as much as Barnes.
I don’t want it — I love Barnes.
I want it — I get library experience!
I don’t want it — I have great coworkers.
I want it — my hours would be SWEET.
I don’t want it — Barnes smells like coffee.
I don’t want it — it’s so refreshing to be around nonnies
that means non-members.

Facebook. Stupid thing.

Oooh. Hubs just walked in. Wearing a clingy running shirt. He does 100 freaking push-ups a day.
His stomach? Flat, hard, getting attractive shadows.

Gah. Can’t get comfortable on this bed.

If you haven’t figured it out already, my mind is making me write, but my mind has nothing but trivialities to say! (I can just hear Dan say it: “Give me another month and my chest won’t be put in the TRIVIAL category.” haha. Ok, so he wouldn’t say that.)

I’m going to play a game: new post. random title. rambling. new post. random title. rambling.

ready? set? start.


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