I love my cords.

I have a clothes-buying rule: don’t buy anything unless I absolutely love it, and then you can spend as much as you want.

It’s a good rule. Even if I do feel guilty spending a lot. Like 60 on one pair of cords. And 60 on a second pairs. Orange and purple.
My two favorite colors.
And boy do both of those pairs of cords make my butt look GOOD

Why cords trump jeans:
maintains same
work wearable
more flexible
more colors

Love-em. Wore them during a nap today 🙂 3 hours, followed by intense grogginess. That’s my body’s punishment for making it wait so long for a decent night’s sleep.

My rebuttal?

Stupid body; you had ample time during those toss-n-turn hours in bed the last two nights.



One response to “Cords

  • Sabrina

    I found that Talbots has cute pants, so I have 3 pairs of them. And, what’s better than that, is that we have a Talbots outlet just a couple miles away. Which means… I have a $130 dress that cost me $6 that I altered just a little, some pants ($7), cute shirts and sweaters ($2-10)… oh boy! 🙂 They have courderoys in black, red, green, blue, and a couple other colors. That’s the point of this rambly comment. 🙂 The Talbots in Provo isn’t an outlet store. I’m sad to say how much I spent there when I now get everything there at 90% off.

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