this is a good time

Do you realize that I haven’t had a *real* job for least two semesters*? I had an unpaid internship for one and taught school for the other. And let me tell you: IT IS SUCH A GOOD FEELING TO HAVE TO HEAD OFF TO WORK IN THE NEXT HOUR! Hopefully bn will keep me on ever after the season ends, but until then, I’m going to enjoy the smell of coffee, paper, and ink. I’ve enjoyed this job more than any of my other ones; hopefullyhopefully they keep me on after the season — I can’t imagine a more fitting (except perhaps a library).

I just finished my usual pre-registration drill to find the perfect class load and I am getting so antsy to start school again! These last two semesters weren’t only jobless, they were classless — which is too long in my book. Ooooh…yumm….Mmmmmmm…..I can’t wait to make that master homework excel spreadsheet for the semester…and to groan over the required readings…and to get boxes of textbooks in the mail…and to riffle through the pages and get flashbacks of the Monster Book of Monsters…oh, and to read the class syllabi! That is one of my most favorite things about starting a new school load — reading through these carefully, highlighting, circling, putting little smiley-faces…they are my bible for the next four months; I am devout.

Wait — have I told you my graduate school decision?

You can’t imagine my relief when I realized I could become emotionally invested in a school even when I’m only doing their online program. I love FSU, and I would be crushed if for some reason it didn’t work out at this point (don’t worry — that’s not a issue). Love for my teachers, subject, and school alters my approach to learning in extremely beneficial ways, and I am glad that I won’t have to chug along through the program without a heart pumping me through it. I’ve already done that through ONE program**, and that was quite enough thankyouverymuch.

Dan and I just celebrated our 3rd year of marriage 🙂 For some reason, we’ve always ended up celebrating it on the second Thursday of December instead of the 11th. It certainly feels more like a re-creation of our big ring-exchange … especially since we go to the same romantic getaway every year 😉 Love being loved, and love loving. Especially when he hands me a fudgsicle…like right now. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuum.

*You know you’re a student when…semesters are the time segments you live by
**Teaching pedagogy just doesn’t tickle my fancy


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