Hello again wordpress. I have a few minutes before my Downton Abbey will load, so I suppose I’ll spend it here, chatting to the faceless. There are a few things on my mind today. Well, questions.

First is:

Why invest in relationships with temporary associates/people? My coop teacher and I have a few rough patches that he is all eager to smooth out; but I’m like — dude, we only have a week left together — why bother? Hence, the question.


Is my ego really bigger than my brain? I’m on that scary post-baccalaureate first job hunt — ooooh. Prospects WERE good; there was a big (relatively speaking) wave of library jobs. I watched them come…and go. And now I have to sit back and accept that ANY job is a good job. I worked custodial my last on-campus semester; am I too good for that now that I have a shiny piece of paper?


How can we really expect to build women’s self-image when women are trained moochers? Women enter marriage expecting to be provided for. Hmmmmmm….so many depressed housewives in Utah. Hmmmm…..CONNECTION anyone? What makes people most happy? Having a Purpose. Homebodies contribute to the home; workers contribute to the world. We need purpose on the microcosmic AND macrocosmic scales. [The Community] patronizes women, pats them on the head, tells them how special they are, how needed…but without being given Responsibility, those are just some very big, very empty, words.


How many people did I just miff?


IS DOWNTON ABBEY EVER GOING TO LOAD?? And, why do I like the show anyways? It’s a bit cheap…and melodramatic…and far-out…
I must be shallow 🙂 because give me some pretty costumes and an English accent and I AM SO THERE.


3 responses to “…Loading…

  • Kadi

    I DO think it’s hard for housewives to transition to being a stay at home mom. Especially if the “mom” part hasn’t come along yet. Having experienced this for myself firsthand, here’s my suggestion for finding a purpose… pick something. You are no longer accountable to professors or bosses – you are your own boss. Write down goals for your hobby, side job, morning, etc. The nice thing about being a stay at home wife is the freedom and flexibility to do anything. So pick something. For me, it’s painting and the daily documentary to broaden my horizon. I heart DVR. Because I have a child, Most of my time is taken up by entertaining him and trying to sneak in education amidst the entertainment. That means I have to get creative – which I am NOT in that area. So, I go off to the internet to get inspiration. Here’s the kicker – you have to act on what you find. Not just store it.

    And I think homebodies contribute to the world in a far more lasting way than most workers ever will.

    As far as your first question: are you 100% positive that you will never ever see your coop teacher again? I submit that you are NOT. 🙂 I just wanted to use the caps again. Haha! Anyway, we can never be 100% sure. I usually don’t care enough to keep tabs on ALL the people I’ve ever met and, sure enough, I’ve run into a few of them by accident and completely by surprise. Having said that, I personally would like to avoid as many awkward situations as possible so I try to leave all my relationships in as good a shape as possible. That doesn’t mean I’m buddy-buddy with them. but we at least part on friendly terms.

    The job search is hard for everyone – don’t set your heart on every job opening you see and be prepared to put out an average of 100 resumes before you get a job offer – which may or may not be the job you want. That’s what happened to Mitch AND his dad. I sincerely wish you the best of luck at my disposal, but continue to caution you so you don’t burn out.

    I’ve never heard of Downtown Abby, but my new favorites are Once Upon a Time and Terra Nova. OUAT has far better acting and a more involved plot line, but Terra Nova is kind of a fun sci fi set in the far future and the super far past… simultaneously! I enjoy it. 🙂 One of the supporting characters is almost a Mr. Darcy. Almost.

    Great post!

    • podpeas

      Hope my post clarified my stance.

      Oh, and no worries about the coop teacher, Kadi. He and I are friendly and fine — like I said, there are just a few rough patches. No biggie 🙂

  • llcall

    I’ve enjoyed your recent posts. You talk about some interesting and provocative issues. I love me some provocative issues.

    Here’s my question for you: You say, “without being given Responsibility, those are just some very big, very empty, words.” Who gives or is supposed to give this Responsibility to women? I mean, I think I understand overall what you are trying to say (although I think homebodies rock :)) but to me, I just do what I think is best for me and my family. The fact that Neal and I have a very different division of labor and we don’t consider him the sole or even main “provider” ruffles some feathers (especially family members). But I don’t care…I’m not asking their permission to be and do what I feel like being and doing (sometimes I ask God’s permission, though I’m sure not as often as I should). So own it, work it! And good luck with the job hunt!

    And I’m intrigued by Downtown Abbey now.

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