Less is more: concerning hair and clothing

I cut my hair today. No…no. Let me rephrase that. Someone ELSE cut my haircut today. A professional. As in, I didn’t cut it myself. Or have Dan cut it. Or a friend. Or a hair school student.

I can get used to this.

This last summer, when my hair grew too long, I used these:

Yes, yes I did. They … worked. Technically. But I’ve learned something. For the last several years I’ve turned up my noses at women who spend oodles on a stupid haircut. NO ONE notices a professional cut from an amateur’s. But today, I noticed. Felt the difference, saw the difference. And, yep, that does make the professional cut worth my while. That, and I’d forgotten how much I love the pre-cut shampoo/conditioner head massage …

Moving on…
This month Dan, I, and family are running the Halloween Highway to Hale 5K. It’s a costume run (of course). Cross your fingers and toes, and Dan MAYBE will start to see the awesomeness of wearing only his white Underarmour trunks with lots of white poofs sewn all around it.

Emperor’s New Clothes.

Less is more…less is more.


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