Latest and Greatest

Have you ever been a computer science graduate student? Me neither. But I’ve been in their labs; it’s like a playpen in there! Tablets, phones, wiis, kinects, big screens… I have to pry Dan’s fingers off to get him home at night.

Behold, Dan:

I, for one, am eager to end the work/school day. I teach 90 sophomores and (occasionally) 30 seniors. I like the kids — not the job. NEXT class is a whole reading day (!!!!) — bring a fun book, a pillow, and a good attitude. (Some teachers stick up their noses at the idea, but between you and me, those are probably the very teachers who commit Readicide. Unforgiveable sin numero uno.) A day spent reading in the company of other readers is a day well spent.

And you can quote me on that.

My plans to infiltrate behind-the-library-desk are coming along perfectly [Steepled fingers] : I got accepted to another grad program today! (And grinned my way down I-15. “Oh, HELLO person-who-cut-me-off!!!” “HI, policeman!” “You-who! Tail-gater!! HOW ARE YOU??”) I had actually written this program off, submitting an application JUST IN CASE they might possibly think about maybe letting me in. That explains that extra chunk of cheek on each side of my face. Florida State University. We’d have to auction off our first-born son to pay tuition…but then…at least diplomas don’t drool 😉

Hey, there’s hope for little Schultes yet — Southern Miss is making their decision this week.

Until then…


One response to “Latest and Greatest

  • Andie

    No no no! You can’t leave us here in Utah! No you just can’t!!! He he he actually I’ve never been to Florida, and plan to get to all 50 states, so it would be a great place to visit! P.S. Are you waiting on Southern Mississippi or Southern Missouri?

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