So, what do I do at my internship?

I work with a literary agent. Hopeful unpublished authors send their queries by the thousands, increasing an agent’s “slush pile.” Interns, like me, sift through this and hope to find the gems. For some, this is drudgery. But for me? I could do this the rest of my life…

After a while of working, I wondered how ironic it was that a job that gives me such fulfillment is actually me sending out rejections to 95% of submitters — crushing the lofty dreams of so many aspiring writers! But that’s not how I see it; I see it as getting a glimpse into the dreams of normal people — I get to learn what they find valuable enough to spend hours and hours writing about.

I saved anything that looked promising for a second look later, to make sure they were worth it. That time came on Friday, and I sent out about a dozen or so “gimme the first 50 pages please!”

Every. single. person. replied.

They are so, so hopeful. Getting their appropriately-professional-but-can’t-hide-the-excitement reply e-mails has made. my. day.

Love my job.


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