Rex Lee Run

Pictures to come of last weekend’s 10K — the Rex Lee Run. It was a great success — greater than all past races have been.

No no, my time was nothing spectacular.

It was just that the last time I ran for 6.2 miles was Pioneer Day o’ 2010 (which was actually also my first time). And, in an effort to get an early start in the running season for this year’s running goal, we ran a 5K in late January. But, school takes precedence and demanded too much time, so I wasn’t able to swing another 3-nonstop miles since then.

I didn’t think there was a chance in heaven that I’d be able to even finish this run. BUT, we’d signed up before our running schedules flew out the window, and My Great Motivational Coach-Man Dan believed in me. And that was what kept me going — straight on through to the finish. It was the greatest run I had ever been on. I felt like a “real” runner since I was able to make such a big jump. Dan calls it “mental toughness” 🙂  And, the course was absolutely wonderful.

Well, actually the first 2 miles were expletivable. My body raged at the injustice I was doing it. I wanted to stop before the first mile was even halved. Was I seriously going to make myself endure an hour of this?? But I chug-chugged along–with as much form as a jellyfish–somehow managing to keep going. Yes, even up the big (it’s relative) hill. And then….and then we sailed down 9th East…and it was heavenly….and I fell in love with running all over again (or for the first time?) and I felt powerful. I could do anything, and that included finishing this race. And I did. In freaking record time.

I finished the race, but I still had to pay the price for not training properly: lots of extra sleep (which leads to lots of unfinished books homework) and waking up to even more sore muscles. My calves, my thighs, my back, my stomach, my shoulders, my feet, my butt, my love-handle area, my poor overused feet, and my groin. Especially my groin. Ouchy ouch-ouch.

But, my pride? my running confidence? my “mental toughness”?

So good.

Oh so good.


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