So, I’m exhausted. It’s been a long week. I have an hour before grabbing Dan, and so I’m just going to jumble-talk. As in, random. transitionless. bullet points. future/past/present. stream of consciousness (albeit more controlled).

  • Every last hour of work for the week is party time with my custodial crew. Everyone brings some kind of food, and we put something good (the definition is debatable) on Netflix and chow down. While the video selection is a bit lacking (my first times watching: Psyche, The A-Team, Castle, and some other really REALLY dumb show (yes, even dumber than the others). I guess it’s nice to know how dumb tv is getting), the food selection is like a Hogwarts feast!!
  • Food. I’m hungry.
  • Coeur d’Alene is going to be incredible. We’re sold on the housing recommended by Dan’s bosses, which has a fitness center, is within walking distance of a chapel and Dan’s work, and has one side covered in forest trails 🙂 Speaking of the big boss-men, they are so nice! They took their interns (and me!) out to dinner, and were really easy to talk to. When I’m with people I’m not comfortable with, I shut up tight as a clam. But…these guys were totally cool and chill. As in, I hope we make friends with their families 🙂
  • I’m reading the DUMBEST book right now on audio book. I tried looking for it to put it on goodreads, but for the life of me I can’t spell the dratted title correctly! Ranting Mode: It’s ok if the main character is a little ignorant right? I mean, you just have to read Jack Shaefer’s Shane to appreciate that kind of approach. But THIS girl, this dumb Lucinda, is the DUMBEST decision-maker. I wondered for a bit if it was a growing story, but soon learned that NOPE, we’re supposed to like her the way she is. And, how the heck did this manuscript get past the editor???????!!!!! Character inconsistencies, embarassing plot holes, characters knowing things before they’re supposed to know them, idiotic dialogue, unrealistic responses to situations, contrived event sequences. After learning more about editing from visiting editors, I’m actually starting to wonder if I might want to get into that. Seriously, I’d be freaking awesome! I love love love telling people how to revise to make it better, and I know what to look for. I know what elements of storytelling are necessary, and I can spot them when they are weak. I almost want to buy the print-out of this horrible book and use up a handful of pens to mark it up and then send it back to the book’s editor’s boss so they can see how horribly done it was. Seriously. It’s embarrassing.
  • It’s so nice to have the next few years figured out 🙂 We’ll be right around here and are thinking about renting a house for that time. Hey, you would TOO if your upstairs landlords kept dropping ONE HUNDRED POUND WEIGHTS all hours of the day and night.
  • Kids. Can I just say it? I hate kids.
  • Ok, I can’t just leave that there. I really like my friends’ kids 🙂 The adorable little Tucker, and Beth, and Olivia and others that run around looking adorable at church. I REALLY like them and they’re wonderful to play with. But man oh man, do I dread the thought of having one of my own. But I’ve exercised enough metacognition over the years to recognize that this is just a stage and will pass. But, as I’ve also realized with myself, these stages pass much more quickly if I embrace instead of fight!
  • Speaking of fighting, we’re going to a play tonight called “He & She Fighting.” It’s a romantic comedy that I heard about during Mask Club a while ago.
  • Mask Club! Student-directed 1-hour plays in the Nelke (I think) theater every Thursday at 1, 2, and 4. They’ve ranged from “Into The Woods” (second half) to Arthur Miller’s “The Last Yankee.” I don’t remember how I found out about these, but WHY don’t they mention it during New Student Orientation? This and the 100 Hour Board are BYU’s best kept secrets.
  • I love Pushing Daisies 🙂 Soo wonderfully, absurdly post-modern 🙂 It helps me to  understand “Endgame,” a play I read a couple of years ago and have been periodically puzzled by.
  • I want to eat chocolate cake for breakfast. Tomorrow. Yes, I think I will.

And so ends today’s post. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Please don’t do anything responsible.



2 responses to “Jumblified

  • Andie

    Gee wizz! And I thought that my life was in crazy shambles right now. Where is the new place that you will be moving to? And I totally know how you feel about certain people’s kids. There’s the cute ones and then the ones that are so annoying that you can’t wait to move out of where you live. We’re still waiting to hear about the place that we want. I’m also curious to know the title of the book where they character is the dumbest you’ve ever come across. Also! I’ve written a children’s book and I know that it needs LOADS of work (Seeing as how I’ve never tried writing for a mass audience before). Will you help me?

  • podpeas

    Hahaha, no, it’s not that I hate some kids and love others. As Dan put it after reading this post: “You don’t hate all kids, just your own.” Actually, most of the hate-kids feeling is stemming from this whole student teaching thing. My mindset is: kids are the enemy! So, this will DEFINITELY pass.

    How much longer until you’ll find out about the place you want to move into?? We need to know if you’ll be in the ward so we’ll know if we should bother trying to move back into it! And, yes, I’d be happy to help with your children’s book. I don’t know much about it since my speciality is novels, but I can try!!

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