My brain has reached its full capacity

An interesting stress symptom has been manifesting itself lately. The Shiver-Freeze. Looking at my homework list makes me kind of tense up (freeze), but I know I need to be doing something (or, everything!) so many neck, eyes, and hands start twitching (the shiver). I guess The Tense-Twitch is a better word for it. Alliteration and all that.

It’s…debilitating. And..scary, too. My brain darts to everything and back again – -what do I need to do? how do I need to do it? which is my top priority? which order should I go in? — but I can’t seem to focus one thing enough to actually do anything. Trying to work through it only get my brain and body more fidgety. Panicky, even. So far, my solution has been to bury myself in a book or movie. My brain needs breaks.

But, these brain’s tense-twitching sessions are becoming more frequent. I’m trying to find a different way to channel my stress. “Write a post!” I thought. Except the point is to focus on something else. Ok. Maybe I’ll focus on something else. I’ll try again.

Signing off.


One response to “My brain has reached its full capacity

  • Andie

    I know the feeling completely! The best thing to do is to randomly point to something, then get a snack and some water and prepare yourself for the work ahead. And if you still can’t concentrate for long, that’s ok. It’s better to spend 30 minutes on something for a few days and then finish it, than to never have started it at all. Also, let me know if you need help!

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